Sex appeal in sri lanka

The replies obtained for open ended questions of this research could be used to develop close ended questions that would facilitate a study using a larger sample. Only a very small proportion has a positive attitude. No significant relationship was found. Hypothesis three addressed possible age differences, where it was hypothesised that younger consumers would be more tolerant of these advertisements. Thus, Sri Lankan consumers may even reject advertisements that may not be considered in the west as having sexual content. There some people who are in bus, cheek this song and they can understand other minds and they investigate it. Some have extended this fear of the loss of cultural identity even to the product.

Sex appeal in sri lanka

There were many direct references to culture in the reasons for negative opinions. Only a very small proportion has a positive attitude. For example, there is hardly any exposure of cleavage, or touching between the male and female models. Thus, advertisers need to exercise a much higher level of caution in using females and female sexuality. Chi square value was also not found to be significant. The study findings did not support the expectation that young consumers and Colombo dwellers would be more permissive about sexual appeal than older consumers. There some people who are in bus, cheek this song and they can understand other minds and they investigate it. It appears that even those who have positive opinions about sexual appeal are not completely devoid of cultural sensibilities. The replies obtained for open ended questions of this research could be used to develop close ended questions that would facilitate a study using a larger sample. It appears that this type of advertisements create fear about the integrity of Sri Lankan culture. This was in relation to one advertisement where the female model plays tennis in a short white skirt. In the context of these roles, women are expected to remain unchanged and pure. Careful consideration and much research would be required before deciding to standardize promotional campaigns at a global level. Thus, while they appear to be influenced by exposure to foreign media, they are still compelled to defend their positive opinions. First, a significant proportion of Sri Lankan consumers has a clearly negative attitude about the use of female sexual appeal in advertisements. The respondents were then categorized into three groups comprising those of 18 — 30 years, 31 — 40 years and 41 — 60 years. Second, an overwhelming majority of consumers who have a negative opinion have cultural reasons for their attitude. There were also references to embarrassing situations when the advertisements were aired at times that the whole family was watching television. Because this olio and video media problem is communication problem and the Pearson who dictated to lessening songs and he is unable lensing classical music. These music videos always present sex attraction in to the social problem. Sample of the present study had to be restricted in order to facilitate face-to-face interviews. Given the relatively small population of the country, a sample size of 67 may not be considered as too small to give a true representation. This survey has revealed that irrespective of urban- rural bias, majority of Sri Lankan youth tend to be traditional and conservative in their values and beliefs Liyanage, Liyanage claims that marketers and advertising agencies have attempted to, grossly exaggerate… and present a larger-than-life rendering of a life style and behavioural pattern that is characteristic of high brow and extroverted Western youth who are, at best, representative of a cosmopolitan elite, patently small in size, existing in parts of Colombo and adjacent areas. Chi square test was used first to identify a relationship between the place of residence and consumer opinion about the advertisement. Therefore, the consumers appear to be highly restrictive in their views of how the female models should be dressed in advertisements. In order to see if the younger respondents are less critical about the advertisements than the older respondents, a Rank Correlation was obtained between the age of respondent and the opinion expressed regarding the suitability of how the female was used in the advertisement.

Sex appeal in sri lanka

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  1. Finally, neither the younger consumers nor those living in the capital city display a markedly favorable attitude about these advertisements.

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