Medical dictionary low sex drive

Pain in the vaginal area may be due to infection, such as urethritis; also, vaginal tissues may become thinner and more sensitive during breast-feeding and after menopause. For example, a high percentage of men with premature ejaculation can be successfully treated in two to three months. As for psychological factors, sexual dysfunction may have roots in traumatic events such as rape or incest, guilt feelings, a poor self-image, depression, chronic fatigue , certain religious beliefs, or marital problems. For example, women starting a new or first relationship may feel sore or bruised after intercourse and find that an over-the-counter lubricant makes sex more pleasurable. Similarly, insufficient lubrication is involuntary, and may be part of a complex cycle.

Medical dictionary low sex drive

In the past two decades, traditional views of female sexuality were all but demolished, and women's sexual needs became accepted as legitimate in their own right. Pain during intercourse can occur for any number of reasons, and location is sometimes a clue to the cause. Sexual arousal disorder — The inhibition of the general arousal aspect of sexual response. The pain can be felt as burning, sharp searing, or cramping; it can be external, within the vagina, or deep in the pelvic region or abdomen. Erectile dysfunction is more likely than other dysfunctions to have a physical cause. If a man operates under the misconception that all sexual activity must lead to intercourse and to orgasm by his partner, and if the expectation is not met, he may consider the act a failure. Erectile dysfunction — Difficulty achieving or maintaining an erect penis. For example, women starting a new or first relationship may feel sore or bruised after intercourse and find that an over-the-counter lubricant makes sex more pleasurable. Yoga and meditation provide needed mental and physical relaxation for several conditions, such as vaginismus. Causes and symptoms Many factors, of both physical and psychological natures, can affect sexual response and performance. Possible medical treatments include: Retrograde ejaculation — A condition in which the semen spurts backward into the bladder. Simple techniques, such as soaking in a warm bath, may relax a person before intercourse and improve the experience. When a man feels that an orgasm is imminent, he withdraws from his partner. Only when it is a source of personal or relationship distress, instead of voluntary choice, is it classified as a sexual dysfunction. Women Dysfunctions of arousal and orgasm in women also may be physical or psychological in origin. Female sexual dysfunctions include: Cancer of the penis or testes and arthritis of the lower back can also cause pain. Possible psychological causes include anxiety mainly performance anxiety , guilt feelings about sex, and ambivalence toward women. Some problems with sexual function are normal. Counseling or psychotherapy is highly recommended to address any emotional or mental components of the disorder. Painful intercourse dyspareunia — Generally thought of as a female dysfunction but also affects males. Orgasmic disorder — The impairment of the ability to reach sexual climax. Painful erections may be caused by Peyronie's disease, fibrous plaques on the upper side of the penis that often produce a bend during erection. The first step in diagnosing a sexual dysfunction is usually discussing the problem with a doctor, who will need to ask further questions in an attempt to differentiate among the types of sexual dysfunction. These are termed psychogenic. Diagnosis In deciding when a sexual dysfunction is present, it is necessary to remember that while some people may be interested in sex at almost any time, others have low or seemingly nonexistent levels of sexual interest.

Medical dictionary low sex drive

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  1. Retrograde ejaculation occurs in men who have had prostate or urethral surgery, take medication that keeps the bladder open, or suffer from diabetes, a disease that can injure the nerves that normally close the bladder during ejaculation. Pain can also have a psychological cause, such as fear of injury, guilt feelings about sex, fear of pregnancy or injury to the fetus during pregnancy, or recollection of a previous painful experience.

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