Hiv nurse patient positive safe sex

Since figures and statistical calculations alone cannot describe the complexity of sexuality and reproduction for HIV-positive women, there is need of qualitative research that produces in-depth knowledge of a specific condition. Data analysis Descriptive and inferential statistics were used in analyzing the data. Healthcare professionals including nurses have significant responsibility for providing information about the transmission of HIV and for developing a strategic health programmes to reduce that transmission. In the present study, nearly half of the nursing students reported their willing to do volunteer work with AIDS patients. Nearly one fourth of respondents reported that they would avoid the patient Moreover, there were no significant differences in knowledge and attitudes in relation to semesters of study. Similar sources of information were found in college students but different information sources would be anticipated for nursing students. A minimal concern about contracting HIV together with high sexual activity is associated with a lower level of safer sex practices [ 11 ].

Hiv nurse patient positive safe sex

The primary sources of information for the participants were television The aim of this study was to synthesize HIV-positive women's experiences of sexuality and reproduction as described in qualitative studies. Introduction Sexual and reproductive well-being is an important part of good health and of life itself, and is an integral part of being human and being a woman. Participants were studying general nursing in a nursing school of a Technical Educational Institute which belongs to the higher education system in Greece. Since figures and statistical calculations alone cannot describe the complexity of sexuality and reproduction for HIV-positive women, there is need of qualitative research that produces in-depth knowledge of a specific condition. Degree of comfort in providing care to PWAs: Abstract The increased access to effective antiretroviral treatment ART has made HIV comparable to a chronic disease in terms of life expectancy. Biomed Central Public Health. Descriptive and inferential statistics were employed for the data analysis using SPSS version After explaining the purpose of the study the researchers distributed a self-administered anonymous questionnaire to students who were willing to participate in the study. AIDS knowledge, concerns, behavior changes among iner-city high school students. Studies carried out illustrate similar findings with the present study and concluded that nursing students had low level of knowledge about HIV and AIDS [ 2 , 8 , 9 , 10 , 13 , 14 ]. It worth stressing that although the incidence of HIV positive cases and AIDS has been increasing dramatically, the social message given to people is that the AIDS problem has been resolved or at worst it is under control, this inaccurate message arises from the provision of insufficient information. Ethical issues Students were informed about the purpose and the benefits of carrying out the study and advised that participation was voluntarily, and the questionnaire was anonymous. In addition found that there are many misconceptions about how HIV is transmitted e. Table 1 presents the characteristics of the sample and provides information on personal characteristics. Journal of Health Care Marketing. This is reflected in the results of the present study. Sample and research site The study population consisted of a convenience sample. Only two known studies worldwide test associations of disclosure of status to partners: World Health Organisation guidelines recommend disclosure to adolescents of their own status World Health Organization [WHO], , but recommend prior counselling on potential benefits and risks of disclosure to others WHO, It is necessary for nursing schools to revise their nursing curricula to ensure that specific up to date information on HIV and AIDS is provided to nursing students. The weight of the burden could be heavier or lighter. Therefore the results of the present study could not be generalized to other groups of nursing students. In contrast another study found male and older students to be more knowledgeable than female [ 9 ].

Hiv nurse patient positive safe sex

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  1. This study aimed to identify whether knowledge of HIV-status by HIV-positive adolescents and partners was associated with safer sex. Of the respondents 7.

  2. Chi-square tests were utilized to identify the relationships between gender and sexual related behaviours.

  3. It would appear that studying nursing encourages participants to search out credible professional advice to discuss HIV related problems. Journal of Public Health.

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